Bankhall - Explainer video

During my time at Shoreditch Design, I took on the exciting task of crafting an explainer video for Bankhall, a dynamic financial advisor firm.
After dabbling in various styles, the client was particularly drawn to the gradient angle we showcased. Check out the final product below!

Fragment of the storyboard presented to the client

Some interesting technical juice

In the dark

During this section of the video I set up a couple of cool rigs to help me out to animate the sequence. In order to make the graphic elements react with flexibility to the sphere movement I used linear expressions on their position and opacity. Then to convey a cautivating lightning system I set up shape layers to act as mates with different opacities and blurs. I did also played with an echo effect on the spehere to create a beautiful and easy motion trail to enhance its movement.

Full speed

To convey a high speed feeling I had to play with different elements. First I set up a particle system with different speed layers to create depth. Glows, wiggles and flickering played a great role in adding the desired look to the shot.

Selection of my favourite Styleframes from the project